Friday, August 19, 2011


Hey everyone!!
This title may be a little bit confusing :s
I didn't say I was gone because it was some sort of last-minute choice and I thought I could still write many posts.

I was a week on vacation, on a really boring camping and smelly caravan. It wasn't fun at all but because of personal circumstances 'I had no other choice' or that was what everyone said :(
This was the worst week ever. EVER.
I thought there was still decent internet, because my mother promised (only a pity she always breaks promises). So I couldn't blog at all, I could only check statistics :(
I made a lot of pictures and I'll write a report of all the days later when I have time.

On Sunday I'll be leaving again because I have a cosplay meeting friends arranged.
After that we will have some sort of afterparty of course and I will stay over at my friend's house.

Please expect a lot more blogposts to make up for this whole week!!!
Love you guys <3<3<3

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