Thursday, August 25, 2011

My sincerest apologies!!

Hey everyone who is reading this ;)
Thanks a lot (again) for all the support!!
I really want to apologise for not posting so much.
The reason for this is because I have been so busy,
every week I had something to do/attend.
I had a meeting in a theme park, a week vacation and the day after my comeback again a meeting + sleepover.
Now I am preparing for spending a weekend at a animeconvention.
Next week I will film a project with my friend so that will also be a busy week.
**** I still have costumes to make!!

But however, I have the sweetest friend who you all know.
(and if you don't know her be sure to read her guest-posts before I come to your home and pull your heart out of your chest ;p)
She will be doing some posts in the time I'm gone.
Once again, sorry for letting you down a bit, but now you know the reason.
I'll really make it up to you!!!

Thanks Suzanne!!!!

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