Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review: Maybelline NY Lipstick

Hi there!
Before I post the next tutorial (that will be next weekend, I guess) I just wanted to try something new: a review! Although I hate most tv commercials, I love watching commercials and ads for make up products. I saw this one a few weeks ago, and I was dying to try it: SuperStay 24h Lipcolor from Maybelline New York (€13,99 at Kruidvat)

This lipstick promises to stay on for the whole day - "whatever you do" - because of the two steps-system: first apply a thin layer of colour (lipgloss applicator-like side of the lipstick) and allow to dry, then apply conditioning balm (the other side).
Let's see!

7 PM: I apply the colour Red Passion around, this is what it looks like:


8 PM: The lipstick is still flawless. My lips are very dry, though, because the balm stained. Time to repeat step 2!
My plan is to test the different things that are done in the commercial on top of this post. First the strech challenge, with good results! The lipstick indeed doesn't crack when being streched.

10 AM: For the sake of this review, I slept with the lipstick on. Urgh, now I remember why I always remove my make up before going to bed! My lips feel very, very dry and the lipstick.. well, take a look yourself!

12 AM: After reapplying the lipstick as well as the conditioning balm, it's time for the tape test! I stick a piece of adhesive tape on my lips and pull it off... there is absolutely no lipstick on the tape, and no change in the colour of my lips.

13 AM: The lipstick survived the kissing test too! Although there is some of the conditioning balm on my boyfriends lips right now :)

In conclusion: The lipstick stays on for a very long time, and indeed helds through the tests being done in the commercial. But 24h, I don't think so!


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