Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vacation Report Day 1

Because I'm really a klutz I procrastinated the packing till the last day. This is the first time going on vacation since my obsession for mori girl and dolly kei.
So I had really much trouble packing clothes :s
I'll make a list of tips for all people with a certain clothing style when I have the time later.
So after a lot of thinking I decided the heat wasn't a problem for me and started packing my favourite things.
Soon after that another problem: how the hell would I be sure all my pieces of clothing would fit with each other? Then I spend like an half hour to match all the pieces I wanted to take along.
We would stay there a week so I had to create 6 outfits with all the clothes that were in my closet, considering I couldn't use something twice. It was really like a puzzle :s
Maybe T-shirts and jeans aren't that bad.

I was really shocked when I saw our caravan. My mother promised it was really big but I guess we have other ideas about the meaning 'big'
There were 3 bedrooms and only one was acceptable. Because my twinsister said she didn't feel comfortable in small spaces, I toke the smallest 'room' which we nicknamed after Harry Potter's Cupboard under the stairs. I thought the nickname wasn't fitting because his room would be even more spacious :s
I was glad to see our dog liked it, she was running through the whole caravan. Sooo cute <3

Living room


It was so dark in there you couldn't even see something with the light on.

My 'room'

My twinsister's and mother's room



You can think it isn't really small and the space isn't much of a problem for me, but on top of that, everywhere it smelled like old people. This is really the worst accomodation I've ever been in.
You needed a special code for the internet which you could get at the reception.
There were so many things I couldn't do with this bad internet connection. It was really a waste of my time.
The only thing I could do was chatting with my friends on msn or hoping my videos would load.
There are many songs I love but didn't download. Only a pity youtube videos loaded forever.
That evening we went to the forest but my batteries weren't working the way I wanted them to :s
I didn't make much photos because they were empty.

Hope you enjoyed this post more than I enjoyed my vacation <3

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