Monday, August 8, 2011

Lot of chaos today

Today I did a lot of things actually :)
It was fun to be some sort of busy again.

Yesterday I planned to go to the market because I wanted to buy fabric for my Makino cosplay.
So I got up really early and my mom and twinsister wanted to go with me.
However, my sister bike had some problems and my key is gone for a few weeks.
My sister kept nagging she had to go along while she didn't really need something.
So we rushed to my aunt, who lives in the same street, to borrow a bicycle.
But my sister didn't want to ride my little sisters bike or my aunt's.
In the end we decided to go with her car and go with my nephew and niece.

Finally we weren't able to find any useful fabric at all.
So we bought some food at the market.
Then my aunt had some things she wanted to buy, so we also shopped a little bit.
My niece has the same big Hello Kitty plushie as I do now!!!
I bought straightenair and some beads because there was sale ;)
It was $6 or something.
However I'm not really satisfied with it yet

I took a picture of me when I styled my hair.
looks sooo weird, to think this is my actual hair :s
For the ones who don't know: I have a perm, but everyone says it looks so real or something :s

My hair before I styled it <3
It was in some sort of braid.
Maybe I do a tutorial if ýou'd like comment plz.

After, still got my flower ;)


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