Saturday, August 27, 2011


Mariska asked me to post something random, so... I'm going to tell you something about PET! PET is an abbreviation for Project Eclipse Trailer, because that was the previous project my friends and I worked on. Right now we are filming for a trailer of all four Twilight Saga movies, as you might already know.
Our goal was to create a trailer for a competition held by the Twilight Convention in the Netherlands. But since we heared the Convention is cancelled, we don't have a specific goal anymore. If anyone knows of a similar competition we can enter, please tell me!
Although we haven't filmed a lot recently because we are all very busy, we are still having lots of fun recreating scenes from the Twilight Saga. Let me show you some behind the scenes pictures!

Me and Loïs playing Alice and Jasper in the Canteen scene (Twilight)

Alice (luckily my ponytail isn't visible in the final shots) throwing a newborn on the ground :D (Eclipse)

My friend Laura plays Rosalie in the Canteen scene (Twilight)

Laura (Victoria), Merle (Bella), Tim (Riley) and Maartje (Edward) on their way to the set (Eclipse)

Me doing Laura's (Victoria) make up

Bella and Edward dancing at the prom (Twilight)

Me and my friends (Mariska is also in the picture - which one is she? :p) at the previous Twilight Convention 15-5-2010

Next weekend we will be filming the Volturi vs Cullens scene (Breaking Dawn) - Mariska is coming too!
Either Mariska or I will make sure to post pictures of it :)


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