Friday, September 2, 2011

My lovely souvenirs from Abunai 2011!!

These are from Girls Generation, Super Junior and SHINee.
I spend quite a bit on them but considering you can't get those everywhere it was worth it.
I only took these because they are my ultimate favourites <3

A Hello Kitty Cookie Mirror!!
I already had one without all the Hello Kitty junk on it,
as showed in a previous post.
But I had to buy a new one because it kind of broke a day beore Abunai and it bothered me quite a bit.
I think it's soo cute, but it's quite smelly.

Bought at the same stand, also quite smelly.
I really love it, it would be an great item for some dolly-kei-like outfits.
I love the glitters <3

I saw these keychains and I just had to buy them!!
These were not as pricey as the other Totoro stuff I saw.  Yeah XD!!
I first bought the Totoro keychain but later on I couldn't resist buying the Neko Bus too.

My awesome Gopher Badge/

I bought this and the following items at the lolitastand.
I immediately fell in love with this beautiful hairpiece.
I love making such pieces myself, but this one is just amazingly done.
I really love it, that's for sure ^^


These are my favourite earrings ever!
I really love those vintage styled accesories from them.
Lovely <3 Do I need to say more?


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