Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grimoire Flower Hairpiece DIY

I always really love looking on the grimoire site at the Dolly hairpieces and broches.
Although I have to admit it is just a little bit expensive (even without shippingcosts)
So what is better than make one yourself?
Today I made this tuto so you can do it too ^^

If you've never seen some Dolly accesoiries here are some examples from grimoire (or check previous posts):

These are kind of different than the ones I make because the have little flowers inside a big flower.
Also they have lots of lace and feathers and other stuff.
Later I will do another post with different material because they have a lot of autumn decorations in the shops that I can use for this.
There are also other ways to do this and I will show them when I buy more materials.

What I used for this hairpiece:

  • Some sort of fake cherryblossom
  • Glue
  • Felt
  • A Hairpin
  • Safety Pin
  • Scissors

First gather all your flowers I used 2 colours but you can use more or less.

Cut 3 flowers of at the end so you have still some of the 'stem' left

Glue them together. This works the best when you glue on the fabric parts too.

Stick some (smaller) flowers in the middle.
You have to cut these of with a longer branche so you can stick them under or between your base of the 3 flowers. When it fits glue it in place.

Lastly add a base (tuto for this coming soon) with a hairpin and clip.

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