Monday, September 12, 2011

Many updates this week!!

Hey patient readers!!
I really know that I have been promising compensating posts to make up for all the times I have been busy.
I'll start today with writing all the posts I wanted to do and publish them later today or in the rest of the week.
I made a lot of pictures to go with these posts and I thought it would be a pity to leave them on my laptop without doing anything with it.
So I just turn on really good K-pop and write a lot.
Currently i'm sort of discorevering new groups.
I found a list of korean artists and now i'm checking them all out.
It's a lot of work but it's totally worth it, Korea has so many talent!!
You can also expect a lot of tutorials coming and not only this week because I'm planning on doing a lot more.

You can expect:
  •  More articles about K-pop and J-pop groups (like my opinion and info)
  • More (sub-) style info posts like the Guro Lolita post
  • New song releases from july/october because I totally forgot to do it every month
  • The rest of my vacation report
  • Revieuw on my products from Popasia

Today I'm gonna work on:
  • A picture post with photos of flowers in my garden
  • Ideas of what to do with a empty (little) bottle
  • My favourite Jewellry
  • My new earrings!! + photos of my favourite hairband
  • Photos of some circus animals
  • My summer/spring finds
  • Photos of Giethoorn (so much bridges :s)

Tutorials/DIY posts I will be doing:
  • Customizing my chair with fake flowers
  • Customizing an eraser case
  • A dolly kei hair-clip tuto (with all those fake flowers)
  • Bella 'get down' hairstyle
  • Kara 'Step' nail art
  • Goo Hara's hair in City Hunter
  • Beni's nails in 'Suki Dakara' (but don't have the exact shade so it must wait)
  • Mini K-pop bun
  • Some of Rainie Yang's hairstyles from DBY ??
  • JQT - 'Peekaboo'
I really don't know if I could finish this today but that's mainly because it's already this late and I keep taking breaks.
I hate procrastination so much but can't do anything about it.
Maybe I should listen to SHINee instead of bands I don't know.
Let's hope I become more concentrated now :s

I hope I can get a decent video editing program.
I have been deciding on whether to buy or download.
My friend says you can easily download some but I really don't know anything about sites that have them.
I actually don't wanna spend too much money :s
But I really want to make a tuto vid.

Requests are VERYYYYY welcome!!!
Why doesn't anyone comment or give feedback :s
I really like getting mail on my other blog so please!!
I don't bite really!!
This was me begging for some fanmail/requests ^^ lol

So I'll make an end on this article, stop procrastinating and start with all these above

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