Friday, September 23, 2011

PET shooting days!


Suzanne: So... we know we´re actually way too late with writing this, but here it is! Finally! A post about the three shooting days for the Twilight Trailer (project PET). The three days were amazing :) Not only the filming itself was fun for me, but everything: dressing up, doing the make up, playing director, and just having a great time with my friends. And it is truely awesome how much progress we made in the past time, at the previous Twilight Convention, we weren't half as professional as we are right now.
Anyway, first we did the “Cullens vs Newborn army”-scene (Eclipse): the newborn army running towards the Cullens. After a lot of takes (including someone tripping and a false start), we filmed the Cullens looking all scared and threatening.
The second day involved the newborn army walking out of an ice cold lake (Eclipse as well). This was especially a great day, because after the shooting we just relaxed on the beach! And I took a look at the final shots, it’s amazing how much they look like Riley’s army! Of course we have to do all the post-production, adding shadows and stuff. But still!
 Last, we filmed the scene where the Cullens’ army stands in a forest, facing the Volturi and their witnesses (Breaking Dawn). This was an exhausting but amazing day. The best part was when we walked to the set, and people we’re looking at us thinking: ‘Why the hell are these twenty-five people dressed in dark cloaks??’
Also very cool was the fact that Mariska and her sister Judith were there!

You know, I could tell you a whole lot more about it, but I think it would be a better idea to just watch the video I made out of the Behind The Scenes Material. By the way, I'm sorry, it is in Dutch. However, enjoy!

Mariska: I was very happy once Suzanne asked me to take part in this trailer-project. I saw their previous trailer on the Twilight convention and I was really impressed. To be honest it wasn't really professional but I could see all the hard work they put in the filming and the preparations. I was really happy for them when they won the competition. I somehow ended up with taking the role of costume designer ^^.  I had really fun with shopping for low-budget fabric to work with. It was a pity there was a whole cirkel cut out of the fabric. Finally there was a solution that kind of messed up my original concept. However it turned out to look like Jane's cape and it got a lot of compliments.

I really enjoyed the filming it was really cool to roleplay a vampire, well except for my cosplaymoments as vampire knight night class XD.  Everyone was really nice to each other and I received a lot of positive feedback about the costumes. It was nice seeing my con-friends again and meeting new people. Also I really liked the chocolate she gave me as present ( yes I really had to start a food-blog I know) I am very excited to see the results.

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