Sunday, September 25, 2011

Making a safety/hair pin base for crafts

You can blame it on my lazyness but I don't wanna explain how you can attach your creation on your clothes/accesories or in your hair.
I made a tuto that actually exist of a drawing I made with word.
It was quite hard to explain the last part excuse me!!
So here is what you need :

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pin
  • Hairpin

1. Take a piece of felt
It can be cut in any form you want, depending on the size/form of your craft.

2. Cut 4 holes in the felt on the place of the line.
Fold the piece of felt in 2 on the place of the dotted line.
Stick a safety pin and a hairpin in the holes.
The upside of both has to be inside the felt when it's glued.
If the downside of the hairpin is visible on the downside of the base it's okay.
As for the safety pin: the pin has to be on the downside too.

3. Glue both parts on each other.

4. Glue your base on the back of your creation.


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