Sunday, May 8, 2011

Miwa 'Guitarissimo' revieuw

1. Arienai!! (ありえない!!)
This song is pretty upbeat, It makes me happy everytime I listen to it.
Good song!!

2 Don’t Cry Anymore
This song just gives me goosebumps
Sooo touching, I just saw a live-performance and Miwa looked really cute there :)
You can hear how beautiful her voice is.
It actually can make me cry.

3. friend ~Kimi ga Waraeba~ (friend~君が笑えば~)
This song isn't very powerfull,
Miwa's slow songs are mostly not like this.
However, once you get used to it, it's a nice song to listen to.

4. Haru ni Nattara (春になったら)
This is definitely my favourite song Miwa ever made.
Been looking forward to spring ever since then.
This song made me conscious of her beautiful voice and that's she is not just some amateur singer.
Give her all the love she deserves!!

5. hys-
This is definitely the most upbeat song from the whole album.
I love upbeat songs, the more upbeat the more I like it.
So, I like this song very much.
It's only a pity my laptop can't really catch up with the tempo :(
and I don't have a computer that's really old.
But it's kinda annoying.
6. OTOSHIMONO (オトシモノ)
I love this song, it's touching and slow but with a 'Miwa feeling' to it.
I love the lyrics.
When I heard it for the first time in Juui doolittle, I searched immediately for a download link.
I was fan for quite a while, so became pretty excited when I heard she would sing a soundtrack for this amazing drama. I prefer the live version of this song though.

7. Dear days
I haven't heard a full version yet, but it what I heard was very good.
I think this is one of the best songs of her album

8. Samenai Yume (醒めない夢)
As most of the songs, this one is also very upbeat.
I like this song and the lyrics are also nice.
This song is very catchy, I think it will stay in my head for awhile.

9. chAngE
This was the first song I heard.
The PV is very cool, I like the combination Jpop/Jrock how Miwa does it.
You just enjoy the song whether you like rock or not, at that time I wasn't very much into rock so that was nice :).

10. Megurokawa ~strings version~ (めぐろ川<strings version>)
Sorry to say this Miwa (plus all the other fans beside me)
but this gave me quite a headache.

11. HATSUNATSU (ハツナツ)

12. Little Girl (リトルガール)
I think this is a very cute song.
It's so happy!!!!!
The english words sound nice in this song.
One of those songs that can easily get stuck in your head.

13. Bokura no Mirai (僕らの未来)
I just love miwa's singing in combination with the guitar!
Well, there are more songs were they use a guitar as instrument (epic!)
But here it matches really well.
It was hard for me to decide whether this was a slow or upbeat song,
there are some elements in it that gives you the idea of a ballad.
Bit as the song continues, I was sure it is upbeat :)

14. Tsuyoku Naritai (つよくなりたい)
The Intro is a bit too long, I think.
The lyrics are easy to understand.
The song is not very bad, but it's not very good either.'


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