Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Revieuw: Hana Kimi


Ashiya Mizuki is a girl who has a crush on the high-jumper Sano Izumi. She wants to know Sano better and decides to move to Japan and enters the same High-school. However, that isn't as easy as it seems. Sano is going to an all-boys-school, so that means Mizuki can't enter unless she dresses up as a boy, cuts her hair and completely changes to a boy.

But, then she discovers that he has given up on high-jumping because of a accident. Was all her effort for nothing, or will she persuade Sano? And will she be able hide that she is actually a girl?


At the moment I read a summary, I wanted to watch it. Maki Horikita Is perfectly fit for Ashiya Mizuki,
the main reason for this is because she looks cute both as a boy and a girl. Although the first episodes were all about getting Sano to jump again, there were some sudden twists in the middle of the serie.

Also, there was more romance later on.
The makers of this serie did an amazing job to portray the serieus scenes as serieus.
A drama also needs serieus moments like these, or else you would think it's all just a joke.
At some moments I was really excited and just couldn't wait to see how it would turn out.
But at other moments I just couldn't stop laughing (which made my sister who lives next door, very annoyed)


The drama has two theme songs, one is mostly used as ending or just before the ending.The song is called 'Peach' by Ai Otsuka.It's a very happy song, I like it because it fits well with the drama. But be sure when you watch the last episode, you watch through the ending, You don't wanna miss the last scene!!!

The second is 'Ikenai Taiyo' by Orange Range. It's used as the opening theme. I love the song very much, I had it on my MP3 right before my computer crashed :)

Other insert songs are: My Love by Kawashima Ai, Boom boom boom by Go Hiromi, Paradise Ginga by Hikaru Genji, Tomaranai Ha~Ha by Yazawa Eikichi, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne


As I said before, the jokes in this drama are just soo funny. I don't know if everyone likes this kind of humour though. Most of the characters are really stereotype, but that makes it really funny.


With all these handsome boys, the most of you must have trouble finding a favourite character.
However, all the characters are outstanding in their own way.The only character I didn't like was Kagurazaka Makoto, but now Í am addicted to Yu Shirota's music. (There will be a post about him soon)

My favourite character was definitely Kayashima Taiki. He was the one who could see ghosts.I absolutely loved his smile and character also.Nakatsu was also pretty good, he was soo funny.The actors are very good, and most of them play in other popular series.I have very much that I think: where do I know him from?But then I realise he played in Hana Kimi.

The Girls from ST. Blossoms could be a little annoying sometimes, but I sort of understand them, I mean they are all very handsome. And I have to admit, but they made me laugh very much sometimes.

This is definitely a drama I recommend!
I am currently reading the manga, and it's just as good.
Even though I prefer the 'real life' versions of the characters (read: the actors)


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