Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Female Group: SpinEL

Korea's first accoustic female duo debuted on Music Bank this Friday.
The duo consists of Spin and El, both 15 years old.

Spin and El both sing and play guitar.
Spin is a known musician and has top grades in school. She was already featured in various singles since 2003. EL‘s career started early as well. She has been an actress, playing in movies, dramas and musicals, since her childhood.
Their name is also the name of a jewel, and they aim to be a jewel in the K-pop industry with country music as their base.

Their agency, who is very confident about SpinEL’s prospects, stated, “At the time when people long for talented musicians, SpinEL will be the only group that combines great musical talents with the features of idol groups”

On May 1st Yonghwa (the leader of C.N. Blue) was reported to have gifted his ow guitar to the group.
The girls received the gift backstage of Inkigayo, and were overjoyed.
"It's such an honor to be able to even see him up close like this. We're honestly so overjoyed that he watched our stage and even gifted his own guitar"
I am already looking forward to their next song.
The really look promising,
I saw this when I was watching a performance form B1a4.
I immediately wrote a post about them.
They are special because they are still so young,
and this is not your average K-pop.
Though they are my juniors, I have to admit they are a thousand times better than I am XD
I hope you all can support them in the future!!


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