Monday, April 18, 2011

Taeyeon will not press charges against her kidnapper

Girls' Generation's Leader, Kim Taeyeon, will press no charges to the unknown man who tried to grab her away during her performance on "Angel Price Music Festival".

According to the staff, the unknown man appeared to be an university student from Masan. The staff reported that
"It wasn't a kidnapping incident. The situation was taken care of. Taeyeon along with the other SNSD members however managed to finish their 3 songs. SM Entertainment have not turned the male fan over to the police. If the male fan is taken to the police he would have fallen under 'Work Interference' and 'Violent Act' laws."
Coupang has released a statement regarding this incident and gave a sincere apology and a refund to all the people who are attending.

"First of all, we would like to apologize for worrying SNSD, SNSD's loving fans and Coupang customers.
The music festival was a launching event for "Angel Price", and by Angel Price's request, Coupang handled the ticket sales for the event. Unfortunately, [we] were inadequate in dealing with the ticket sales and distributions. There was an unfortunate incident during SNSD's performance. Due to the [aforementioned] reasons, Coupang will take full responsibility.

Those who purchased tickets through Coupang will receive a full refund. We will work hard to ensure that such incidents do not occur ever again. We would like to apologize for the incident at the Angel Price Music Festival and promise to work harder.
Thank you.”

A lot of fans were extremely upset about this incident but they appreciated the apology. SM Entertainment decided that they will not take any legal action. In addition to that, many people are taking the same path Taeyeon did, which is to just forgive and forget about this incident.

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Source: Jpopasia

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