Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My favourite performances/songs from dream high

At the moment I'm really addicted to Dream High
(really? wouldn't guess that with all those posts about it LOL).
So I decided to make a list of my favourite performances
Check them out:

This is such a beautiful and touching song, and their voices are so nice together.
I prefer the version without all the audience. Too bad could't find it.
Beautiful suzy <3

This is probably because I love K-pop so much.
And probably because I love Jason and Jin Gook so much.
How random is it when you start dancing on some rooftop.

Love Milky couple, it's only a pity they put shots from the real showcase :(
why couldn't it just be milky couple duet???
I really love Jason's dancing here, and IU sings so beautiful.
The choreography from the real showcase rocks too.
I really like the costumes here, and especially Baek Hee's make-up.
Actually I'd rather be at the fake showcase, the atmosphere is much warmer than the real showcase.
i couldn't find a MV sorry.

This scene is so cute. I am SNSD-addicted because of this song :D

Love the milky couple entrance, so cute!!!
All the different costumes look so cool.

This is definitely my favourite Dream High and Big Bang song.
They sung it beautiful.
The dance battle is just awesome!!
But, am I the only one who thinks the japanese guy in this is cute?



  1. hey , the dance bettle is what song ?

  2. The song they sing before the battle is 'Red Sunset' or 'Sunset Glow' from Bigbang
    it sounds kind of different but It's my absolute favourite song <3