Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make Up Recreation: I Love You Like A Love Song

You know Selena Gomez' new song "Love You Like A Love Song"? To be honest, I don't like Selena Gomez that much, and this song isn't very good either. But Selena Gomez wears beautiful make up during the whole music clip. So I decided to recreate some of the looks Selena wears in the video.
Selena Gomez wears this very pretty look most of the time; outstanding purple eyes and violent koral lips. 

This is my version, the purple eyeshadow is a little bit lighter but other than that it looks quite the same.

The second look I selected is the craziest one: silver glitter lips!

It's actually very simple to create, just apply something clear and sticky like vaseline or a transparent lipgloss, then put silver eyeshadow/pigment/glitter on your lips and it should look something like this:


Hope you liked this recreations! Next post is going to be a tutorial, I think.



  1. Alweer goed gedaan liefje! En haha volgens mij kan echt bijna niemand nederlands hier. Xxxx Tim.

  2. Ik kan wel nederlands XD
    ik gebruik het alleen niet op dit blog ;)
    Suus je bent geweldig!!!