Saturday, March 10, 2012

weekly update ^^

It's already been more than a week since my last message :p

This week my body condition was not very good :s
First it just started with some bruises on my arm and knee.
The I got a huge abrasion on my other knee with practical exercises on school.
It turned all orange >_< and it hurted very much :o
It's still not completely healed :s
Last but not least I fell ill with some stomach flu which my twinsister had some days before I got it :o
My stomach still hurts crazily and I'm so dizzy I can barely walk (but I always feel like that unconditionally)
also I completely lost my voice and my throat hurts. It's such a pity when that happens, I don't wanna be restricted with making videos :s

This Tuesday I decided to buy the videocamera I wanted to buy for such a long time ^^
It was mainly to get rid of all my panic-attacks so I could have some positive and happy thoughts :p
I was very happy when I came home and I saw that the package already arrived the next day.
I immediately unpacked it and made some shots of my lovely dog.

Now I have my new camera I want to make more professional videos.
I really wanna learn more and practice more.
A few days ago I downloaded a test version of a editing program 'Corel'.
It's nice to work with, but it has different versions, in different price classes.
So I'm planning on downloading them all and see which one works best for me and is affordable enough.
I'm also planning to buy a microphone so I can record voice-over videos and stuff with better quality.

When I have plenty of time/someday I will make revieuws on these editing software so people who also want to start editing have some guidelines :p

So here's the first video ^^

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