Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My naily week

Hello (:
Last week I took a picture of my nails every day, so now I can show you seven nail looks!
(Each day I used Resist & Shine Strong (L'oréal Paris) as a basecoat and Quick Dry Topcoat (Essence) to top the design off)


For this extra-ordinary nail design, I just used Colour & Go #21 Fabuless (Essence) and Special Effect Topper #08 Night in Vegas (Essence). It's too bad the photo shows just a fraction of the real beauty of this topper...


Every now and then I like a cracked nail, and tuesday I was in the mood for it. So I applied Cracking Top Coat # 01 Crack me! Black (Essence) on top of Ultimate Nail Laquer #460 In the Bronx (Catrice). The Catrice one isn't available anymore, but I believe #650 Goldfinger is very similar to it.


This day I decided to go for Long Lasting #Purple (MAX) combined with stripes. For the silver lines a polish with a thin brush was necessary: Freestyle & Tip Painter #03 Silver Surfer (Essence).


 I tried very hard finding a name for this nail art, and finally I came up with blue + purply = blurply! Anyway, I applied Long Lasting #Purple (MAX) and a nameless blue HEMA-polish. And then I just mixed it a little...


 I was a bit bored of all the crazy colours, so the next day I went for the classic French manicure, using Ultimate Nail Laquer #470 Snow Motion! (Catrice).


 Finally, weekend! I went to the birthday party of my boyfriend's mother. This polish, Colour & Go #38 Choose Me! (Essence), matched my blue dress (:


  On Sunday I didn't apply any polish, because it's healthy for your nails to give them a rest sometimes (and because I was lazy, haha).

 Hope you liked this NOTD's!

- Suzanne

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