Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10 Reasons to love SUMMER

By Suzanne

Yaaaaaaay spring! Finally! The suddenly sunny weather outside makes me look forward to the summer even more. So prepare for my list of reasons to love summer (:

 1. Dresses!

The first reason to love the warm weather is the fact that I can finally wear dresses without tights (:

2. Swimming!

Swimming. Is. Nice. That's a fact.

3. Tanning!

Every dress, every make up look... everything looks better with a tan! As you can see on the picture above, I was super tanned last summer. I hope this summer will be even better (:

4. Ice cream!

What is it you say? You don't like icecream? Well than I recommend you go see a therapist.

5. Boys without shirts!

I have to admit one of the reasons I like summer is because all the shirtless boys. And one in particular...

6. Bright nail polish!

No explanation required (:

7. My birthday!

My birthday is July 26th. Which is, you guessed it, IN THE SUMMER! This picture was taken a long long time ago... yes I know I look like a little monkey.

8. Sunglasses!

The first time it's sunny enough to wear my sunglasses... it's heaven to me!

9. Happy music!

Some songs just fit the summer perfectly, like this one from Colbie Caillet.

10. Travelling!

Travelling: the last but certainly not least reason to love the summer. This is me in Egypt thinking it was very cool to pretend touching the pyramid, while in fact I was looking extremely dorky.

That was my ode to summer, hope you like this season as much as I do. No offence, winter, but you're just so cold...

- Suzanne

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