Thursday, March 22, 2012

(Spring) Wishlist

There are still many things that are on my wishlist/to-do list
I really hope I can achieve/buy them this spring/summer ^^


- Floral shoes,
just anything with a floral print can do, wedges, high heels, flats, sneakers or even ancle-boots.
- A scarf
As a replacement for my knitted infinity scarf I want something like chiffon or lace or something that isn't too warm.
- A  large sweater,
I want something that is about the length of a normal dress.
I had 2 Hello Kitty sweaters in this size, but either I grew or those sweaters shrinked :s
I want to wear something like that with a legging for comfort & warmth <3
- Jeggings,
This is on my list for sooo long.
It would be perfect for sweaters or tunics.
But it's quite hard to find one that isn't very pricey.
- Antique/vintage Jewelry from Camden Market,
Loolz *optional*
- A microphone,
I want the Trust, Starzz Microphone to be exactly.
I read that it was very good quality and it isn't too pricey.
- Video editing software,
I'm still testing them all and looking which is better.
But it will probably be Corel or Pinnacle.
- The Chronicle Of Western Costume of John Peacock
I saw this in the old bookstore I visited in London,
now I really want to have it.
It contains sketches and info about clothes through all ages.
- Books on more advanced sewing and making patterns
I really wanna learn more about sewing and designing clothes.
- Nail art brushes
I saw some of them online on buyincoins, a very cheap american website.
Unluckily i don't have paypal but my aunt promised to help me with ordering.
-  A maxi skirt
I really want such a maxi skirt that is from a chiffon or sheer-like fabric and pleated or ribbed.
I've seen a lot of these lately and i'm dying to have one ^^
Also it would be great for mori style.
- A loose white cardigan
A long while ago i saw lindy tsang from bubzbeauty wearing something like this :D
It would be awesome for the colder days especially for me cuz i'm always cold.
Moreover, you don't have to worry about the matching colors if it's neutral.
- A straw hat
I've actually lost my hope, but I like those cute straw hats, however they don't suit me :(


- Reading some good old English literature and enlarge my mori girl spirit.
High on my lists are wuthering heights, Jane Eyre (already started these) Alice in wonderland, Jane Austen (idk if she's good :p) Dracula loolz.
- Make a video on how to endure Mori Style in summer.
- Knit a scarf (still learning)
- Make business cards and a banner.
- Go to Amsterdam with my mother and twinsister
- Shop for new clothes


- Take better care of my body
- Rest more
- Eating less snacks and learn to resist (bad) food
- Blog more often (It's happening already)
- Doing even better on my schoolwork


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