Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Helloooo lovelies <3
I still love y'all it's just that i'm very very tired lately. I feel like it's some kind of winter depression but then wrongly timed :o loolz.
I have these huuuge cravings for bad and calorie-rich food. The only thing I think about is food, just all day.
But luckily my school work is going better than ever!! I'm very happy that I can maybe/surely pass this year.

But I really have much things on my to-blog-list and this is it:
- Wishlist for spring
- All those magazine cuts I made :o
  I'm such a fool for still not uploading all those. Mianhae!!!!
- Tips for beginning bloggers
- Photographs that bring out the inner Mori Girl in me :p (found some great pics)
- My next japanese style post will be on sweet lolita and/or hime lolita ^^ just decided that.
- Epic yahoo questions (love those)

I really wanna go to bed on time so I will only start of with some of these and try to finish it later on.

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