Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yet another hectic week

So it's Sunday and I still have plenty of time before I have to go to bed ^^
I'm just listening to Sherlock (which is amazing!!!) and getting rid of stress <3
I saw that my last updae was on the 10th >_< Oops and I realised I have to blog more often.
But this week I had an excuse.

Because of my dizziness and headaches I went to see a doctor.
I asked if I could do a bloodtest just to be sure you know, I don't really want to neglect my health.
The bloodtest was epic :o
My mom actually went with me :p
So we just went to the hospital, there we found out that I needed my ID-card to identify myself or for a number that was on it or something. So there was a lot of fuss but 'luckily' I could still do the bloodtest and have to bring my ID another time this 2 weeks. So I was actually very frightened because I couldn't remember how my last vaccinations went. So I just kind of assumed it would hurt like hell.
Then that woman that had to do my bloodtest started and pushed the needle through my skin :s
I started to laugh sooo hard. I really couldn't stop laughing. So they thought I was very crazy :p
But the funny part was that it didn't hurt more than when I normally get a needle pierced through my skin with sewing :p
So that was very epic ^^


But then when I came home it started to hurt enormously much.
I couldn't even move my arm properly.
But we just bought a knitting hook so I was very upset and I have even tried finishing sewing my skirt and knitting some chains :p
It was definitely worth it ^^

Today I spend a lot of time on filming for tutorials and stuff.
I also made pretty cool photos ^^
It's only too bad I still can't do narration.
I am now going to try to edit all the previous raw videos :p
I will talk to you soon!!!
Much love <3

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