Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hectic vacation so far

Heey everyone <3
As I wrote before, this week is a vacation week for me :p
However, I don't really notice it :(
There are sooo many things I have to do for school :s
I still have to read a book for German >_<
And it has sooo many pages, i'm gonna die :(

Tuesday one of my friends even stayed over.
We had a lot of fun watching Dream High together <3
It was the first time she watched a K-drama and I think I made her kind of addicted :o
She is like one of the few people that like Korean things and live in my country :p
It's very hard to find K-Pop addicted friends for me :s

Maybe if I have enough spare time over, I will record another video.
Most likely another OOTD vid because I don't have much inspiration for other vids.
But it will also depend on the clothes I plan to wear :p
Mostly in vacation I don't wear any special or beautiful clothes.
Just a plain T-shirt and jeans/skirt.

Just had to make some selca's with my new My Little Pony hairclips <3


1 comment:

  1. I know what you mean..
    When I had my vacation 2 weeks ago I hardly felt it, because I had 3 researches to do.
    And about K-drama, almost all of my friends are addicted to them, that made me hate watching them actually.

    Ranooosh =)