Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Awesome Make up Brand: KIKO

By Suzanne

Last week I went to Rome!! I will upload photos from my trip in a few days, but first I want to tell you about an awesome Italian make up brand: Kiko. I already owned a few Kiko products, but when I saw the shop in Italy I went crazy and bought four more things (:
Continue reading to see the products, and I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do!

   Let's start with the most expensive product.
I bought this highlighter for 7,50 - which is still cheap, from my opinion.
It's called Frozen Light All Over #03 and it is sooo pretty! With just one stroke, it gives my cheeckbones a beautiful glow.

The next product is this Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow #162. It's a shimmery blue colour, which tends to be grey in some kinds of light. I don't know the price, because it was a gift from my friend.

This Mixing Solution is similar to Mixing Medium from Mac, although this one is 3,90 - which is at least 6 times cheaper :) It can be used to mix two (loose) eyeshadows together, and it also makes the colours so much more pigmented! On the picture on the right I added a drop to the blue eyeshadow. If you compare the picture to the swatch above, you can see the pigment increasing.

 The nailpolishes (called Nail Laquer) from Kiko are great! They are very cheap (3,90), opaque, and last for a long time. I was too lazy to make a swatch, I'm sorry!

 Last but certainly not least is this Vibrant Eye Pencil #606. 
 I doubted for a long time if I should buy this baby because it's a bit expensive for an eye pencil (5,20), but at the end I couldn't resist :)

In brief: please come to Holland, Kiko, I love you!

- Suzanne

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