Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Trip To London

Hey everyone!!
I know it's been a while since I visited London, but all this time I've been procrastinating blogging about it >_<
Mianhae!!! <3 :p
I couldn't put all the pictures in one post because it is simply too much and trolling blogspot doesn't allow that :(
So I placed the less important photos in other posts ^^

I went with some friends and my twinsister.
Some teacher of her school arranged the trip and it was cheap because it was just with bus and boat and no overnight stays. At 1 AM we had wait in  front of the school. Then the bus drove us to the boat in Dunkirk. At 6 Am we arrived there and had to do passport checks. It was very funny because that woman said something to my twinsister and we almost thought something was wrong with her passport. But turned out she was only complimenting her on her nails <3

This is the money I exchanged, it looks so much prettier than european money <3
I exchanged it on the boat.
The other time when I went to London I got so seasick on the boat.
However, my friend still had the medicine I gave her and I couldn't take them because of that.
Luckily, the pain was a lot less than previous time.

The sunrise was sooo beautiful.
It delivered some super pretty pictures for me ^^
Me sister also thought it was really awesome and took even more pictures. 

I love photographing her while she is photagraphing ^^
It's kind of ironic right :p

We love the sight of the English coast soooo much.
I made much more pics ^^

It was very great that we sat in the front seats of the bus, it was a great photographers spot.
Watching the sceneries of England makes me soo happy.

My Twinsister and I love these buildings.
A great object for our fangirling.
These are used in a movie of Alex Pettyfer and we are a huuuuge fan of him.
It's used in the last part of Stormbreaker (where they stand on top of that building and Sabrina almost falls of it for the ones that don't recognize :p)

A beautiful cathedral which is also used in Stormbreaker ^^

Judith (left) & Me (right)

We drove again over the Tower Bridge, just like the last time <3

This was the place we got off the bus.
From there we could choose to walk a little bit around the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament with the English Teacher and we did so.

Judith & Me in front of the fontain we love soo much.
We were very excited to come closer to this.
But yeaah then they turn it of  >_<'

We rested a few minutes at Green Park.
I saw squirrels there, they were so cute <3

Camden Market is such a must-see-place.
I really enjoyed the visit ^^
However I just wanted to buy everything there <3
All those clothes and things there are so lovely.
It's a great recommendation for those of you who are interested in Dolly Kei, Mori Girl & Gyaru. 
Also when you need a pocket-watch you will most likely find one that is to your liking there. 

Loolz, Me posing in front of the fontain :p
I think the first fontain photo turned out absolute gorgeous, can be because of the lighting.

This was my "very healthy" dinner ^^
But yeah, obviously it was supertasty <3

Hope you enjoyed my report :p
more photos will follow.

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