Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shoplog previous weekend

 Hi everyone,

Because I bought so many awesome things this weekend, I want to show you my shoplog (:

Look. At. That. Isn't that just gorgeous? It's #08 Night in Vegas, a special effect topper by Essence. (It's about the topcoat, I just applied a black polish underneath it) When I look at my nails from the front, I see orange flakes, but when you look at it from various directions, it's also green en yellow. I swear, it's a 1000 times more special than the picture shows.

 Another nail polish from Essence: you gotta love them! This one is a beautiful green/blue sparkly varnish, it's called #38 Choose me!

 I just couln't ignore the fact that the Rimmel London sale is still there (I've already bought 2 lipsticks a few weeks ago): the lipsticks are now 5 euros. So I purchased this one (#320 Funtime Fuchsia): its very bright and I don't know if I'm going to wear it that much... but it's preeeeetty!

 Then again Essence in my shoplog: a dark green gel eyeliner (#04 I love NYC)

 My black eyeshadow was broken (the powder caused a huge mess in my make up bag, it was a disaster), and I really need one so I bought #140 The Captain Of The Black Pearl by Catrice.

 I really like Catrice's eyeshadows, I coudn't resist buying another one. Its a nude colour (#340 Ooops... Nude Did It Again!), it barely shows on the picture but it's great for blending other eyeshadows.

Lastly I saw this make up book for just 8 euros! It's Dutch, with very clear explanations and beautiful pictures.

I usually don't buy much but as you can probably see I'm a huge shopaholic when it comes to make up!

- Suzanne

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