Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot weather

~Yo Minna~

It's seriously to warm to blog actually, but this is just a quick message.
I got my tripod!!! It arrived earlier this afternoon. The package was a "little" bit larger than it should've been. But however, I'm glad I have it. At first I was confused, I thought it would be a little bit larger, but then I discovered I could thrust out the standard too. Although, I can't do nail-tutorials with it. I can only do hair tutorials because it's a little bit big when you have it on the minimum size. But I'll see what I can do or maybe buy a smaller one.

I had a cosplay meeting this Sunday, it was really fun. It was a coincidence, but there were only girls.
We had brought lots of chocolate, however most of it didn't survive because of the weather.
The organisator planned a lot of things, but nobody was really in for it and we were already sweating by just lying down. The original plan was just a picnic and some games, so we just ate and talked a bit with each other. It was my first meeting and I liked it. Everyone is always so nice. I hope I can get some pictures and maybe post them.

This weekend I already have my second cosplay meeting. It's in a theme park. I'm planning on wearing my Vampire Knight Class costume for the third time. I'm actually one of the few persons that wears one cosplay over and over again. Yes, I need to find a better job. No, I don't want to spend  $$$$$$ on my cosplays.
I think it would be okay with me :s. I didn't see that many animes and my absolute favourite will always be Vampire Knight. Also, I'm totally cool with being a vampire Haha. My friend always wears shorter dresses or uniforms and my skirt is somewhat larger than the normal costume, but my friend is always more complaining about the heat. I guess I'm perfect for cosplaying a vampire. However, I have kind of an advantage because I always like to layer clothes as much as possible. I like Mori Mori and Dolly Kei very much so I'm trying to look as cool as them I think.

I only have to think about what kind of nail-art I should create. I currently have totoro nail-art. I LOVE TOTORO!!! I was thinking about drawing the characters of a childhood serie I loved to watch.
They were called the Moomins, ever heard of them? I only thought of them cuz they kind of looked like the white monster from totoro. I'm also planning on letting my nails grow longer, but i'm making more typo's with longer nails :s

They are just soo cute. They are created by an Finn/Swedish illustrator. I especially loved that person with the hat (forget his or her? name) and the kangaroo (sniff)
My aunt recommended a site where you could buy very cheap nail-art things. I don't have paypal or a creditcard so she will order it for me. *sooo grateful* I'll look up the site and post it somewhere.
I hope I can do better nail-art with those things.

Currently I have been obsessed with Studio Ghibli and F(x).
I have seen Totoro and Spirited away already and parts of arrietty.
I love the drawing style.

Soon there will be a recommend for summer songs, for all those who are already sweating.

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