Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Message!! (about poll and updates)

In the next months I'll be writing more stuff about (sub)styles of the japanese culture and how to achieve them. Also I'll show a lot of examples and exceptions. I have a poll about what you would like to see on my blog, but there aren't many votes yet :s. I hope all of you can find a style that fits you the best or just learn to see difference between the many substyles and learn more about it.

I also wanted to get more attention on the web (because I'm badass like that :D)
No, but seriously I nowadays try to have sites that would go well with blogspot. I hope it will turn out well and be a famous blogger someday ^^
So, straight to the point: I'm already a very active user on deviantart, jpopasia, mydramalist, twitter and probably some other sites :D
So I wanted to try some more 'social media' and I think lookbook and youtube will turn out good.
I think, since some of you voted for a 'outfit of the day' post, it will be a good idea to combine my blogspot and lookbook in some way.

And I also really want to make vlogs or to make tutorials with not just pictures but also videos.
However, I can not really achieve both things (yet). This would be because for the first thing I'm waiting to get a new room. I have to move soon and so I'll get a new room (so sad, was very attached to my attic :(
but しょうがない right?)  I'm waiting for this because the I'll have a nicer looking background maybe.
To be completely honest the colours don't go really well with each other. My walls are now black and red (Hooray for Liar Game) and some beams are still beige from before the transformation :D
I also wait because I will get a tripod soon. I can make beautiful photos and tutorials then. It's a little bit unconvenient to hold a camera while painting your nails :s

Soon I'll start a J-drama challenge  found somewhere. For the one who never heard of this:
You spend a few minutes a day in a period of 30 days to write about your favourite characters, OST's and other stuff. I wanted to watch at least 50 dramas before I started it, because otherwise I would only write about Hana Yori Dango ( have to see if it would be different if I watch 50 other dramas but then I would know more characters and stuff)

But I just discoverd that I have to watch 29 dramas more :s
I'll just wait and watch drramas for a little while longer.

This is all I have to say for today!!
Thx for reading.

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