Friday, October 14, 2011

SHINee facts

  1. Minho was supposed to debut as an actor.
  2. Key was a very disobedient grandchild ^^
  3. Key thinks cats are cuter than dogs
  4. Minho is the neatest with packing suitcases.
  5. The first thing Key does when he wakes up in the morning is check his celllphone and Ipod.
  6. A fan gave Key black and white tees (couple tee). He took the white tee for himself, and he gave the black tee to Jonghyun.
  7. Taemin doesn't get mad easily.
  8. Key bought the fujifilm instax with his own money during his birthday, then passed it to the members and call them to give it to him on his birthday party later on.
  9. Because Minho and Taemin never cried as much as the other members, KEY calls them “kids with no emotions"
  10. Key thinks shooting music videos is the easiest thing to do.
  11. Taemin usually doesn't pick up his phone.
  12. When Key went to karaoke he'll sing a song on the last page in karaoke book. He can't really remember old songs.
  13. Minho said that Jonghyun has a very sexy shoulder line.
  14. Jonghyun says that dogs all like him.
  15. It took 12 hours to film the korean MV for 'Lucifer'.
  16. Key’s assertiveness tends to be the strongest among the members.
  17. The thing that would make Key most sad if he was forced to throw it out is his CLOTHES.
  18. Taemin now likes to exercise at the gym thanks to Minho and Jonghyun.
  19. Jonghyun likes girls who have sweet voices and can sing well.
  20. Taemin cannot live without watermelon.
  21. Key will cut his shirt when he can't wore them anymone. According to Minho, Key will made it look like a ragged cloth.
  22. Jonghyun has many older female cousins. He calls them Unnie.
  23. Key said that Taemin is the kind of who is even funnier without being conscious of the situation
  24. Jonghyun often/still sing "Love's Way" in the shower. According to the members, he sings very loudly.
  25. In SHINee's new dorm, Jonghyun is Key's roomate.
  26. Key prefers American fashion style than Korean fashion style.
  27. Key thought that if he wear a girl's clothes, he will look like a real girl, and nobody could defeat him.
  28. When Key feels bored, him and Jinki will say “I love you” to Taemin and pull him around.
  29. Key would like to buy clothes for his girlfriend when he has one.
  30. Key kept hugging the bag Jonghyun bought for him and said he’ll carry it to the airport the next time they're there

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