Friday, October 7, 2011


The other day I had bought some clothes for this winter and fall.
A shirt with a deer design, an orange one-piece and a pink sweater.
I thought it would be really easy to combine with all my other pastel-coloured clothes.
These items can really easy layer with my wardrobe.
The clothes are all bought at H&M.
I forgot to photograph my new shoes but they are really cool and I'll upload a picture later ^^
I was really lazy and took them off when I came home.

I orginally planned to edit the background but thought it fits nice with my bedcovers actually XD

These are just a 'few' shots of my hair.
I braided to the back and tied the braids and a little bit extra hair to a bun in the middle.
I added a Lolita flower clip as accesory.

Close-up of the design.

Socks which I bought too but at Claire's.
I have the same in pink and the are really cool with my new shoes <3

My nail-art.

Hope you liked it!!

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