Sunday, June 24, 2012

Survived a car accident ^^

Hello lovelies ^^
*End of pointless posts XD there'll be a lot of updates cuz i didn't post so long :p

I totally don't mean to scare all of you or something :p
But I was just travelling from school to home when there was some bastard that tried to cut us off.
The driver tried to decrease the speed a little, but because we were on the highway 2 other cars crushed into us. So you've first got a huuge smack of the stemming and then your body smashes to the back of the cars that bump into you. Either way it's a huge smash :s and it mostly hurts a lot. So the day after that (it happened on Wednesday) I went to see a doctor. After examining and asking question he said that mostly the pain in a victim's back is because the muscles try to moderate the harm. But there was already a big problem there, my pain wasn't on the sides but in the centre, in the place of the spinal cord. So just to make sure there's nothing wrong I have to go for a check-up in the hospital and if they discover something I have to undergo immediate surgery. But there's a tricky part about back-injuries: because it's the centre nerve of the whole body, it can easily affect other movements.

So friday i was lying on my bed just watching my K-drama's and chatting with some friends when suddenly my fingers started to feel weird and lifeless and when I tried to walk somewhat later I couldn't even walk properly anymore :o so I've spend a lot time debating wether or not I should ask my mom to drive me to the E.R. because the hospital check-up has been re-scheduled to Monday. But I just decided to go to bed and wait till the next day. When I woke up I felt a lot better, but my whole body still ached much.
Tomorow I won't be going to school too but thats also because we won't make it in time to the hospital then, also whenever I do something more energetic my back hurts more. Also my body tends to make weird moves with walking so if I wanna walk straight without falling I need someone to escort me XD
I hope everything will turn out fine, but luckily I have soo much people that support me ^^

End of story...

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