Monday, June 18, 2012

Spring pictures

Haha this just reminded me of the japanese hanami~ flower vieuwing
The flowers were soo pretty!!!

My twinsister put some flowers in her hair and asked me to take pics of it
It's soo pretty ^^

There were also a lot of hawkbits around ^^

I think the lighting of this picture i super pretty ^^

Some gooses in the park

Spread your wings~

I can't remember if I focused on the back accidently or purposely o.O

Pretty Tulips :p

I think this pic could've been a total masterpiece if I focused on the white flower instead,
then the tullips in the background and the purple flower would be vague :s

I like that there is suddenly this pop of pink colour, but there's a little bit too much of the tree

This is somewhat more of a detail shot, but it's too much in the center :s
why didn't I use the rule of thirds ****

Last pic is actually quite pretty ^^
Hope you enjoyed it :p

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