Monday, May 7, 2012

My Make Up Victories

 By Suzanne

Hello :)

Picture this: I notice an awesome make up product on a blog somewhere, so I grab my bike and go out to buy it in the drugstore around the corner. Nice and easy, but it doesn't always work that way.
I have worked my butt off to get a few of the products I own, there are products I had to (literally) travel all around the world for.
So let me show you four of the products that, because it was very difficult to get them, I like to call my MAKE UP VICTORIES. Okay, this sounds epic. Well - it is!

 You may have already seen my post about the ah-ma-zing Italian Brand Kiko. Weeks before my trip to Rome I promised myself that I would find at least one Kiko shop in that damn city... and I succeeded! Although my friends were maybe a bit irritated because I dragged them with me on my quest... :p

Don't know if you've heard about the nail polish brand Sally Hansen? Their nail polishes are used in many tutorials I watch, so I was very upset when I noticed this brand isn't available in the Netherlands. Later, I found out I was wrong! I bumped into this black Sally Hansen polish - on sale! But... I didn't buy it! What. Was. Wrong. With. Me? I needed a black polish, I know for certain this brand is amazing, and this polish was only four euros. Still, I was stupid enough to resist this baby!
So I regretted not buying it, and I went back to see if it was still in the shop, waiting for me. It wasn't.
A few weeks later, when I almost forgot about the polish, I went to the drugstore to pick up some things, and suddenly there it was! So me and the polish lived happily ever after :)

Next: my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. Like Kiko, Collection 2000 isn't available here. When I was in Boots (drugstore) in London I bought a tube of it (the one on the right in the picture above), which appeared to be the best concealer EVAH (hey it's not only me, lots of Youtube make up gurus love it). I was thrilled when my lovely friend Merle announced that she would be travelling to London, and asked her to buy a few concealers for me. I was afraid she coudn't find Boots, but today she gave them to me. Jaay!

 I got this blush today, too. I saw this product - the star from the Revoltaire Limited Edition by Catrice -  online, a few weeks before it was in store. I immediately knew I had to get this ombre-rocking beauty! When I was in Barcelona, I saw online (internetjunkie here...) that the Limited Edition was released. Nooooo! I could already foresee that the blush would be sold out when I returned home.
Luckily, my friend (who stayed in the Netherlands that week) bought it for me :) Thanks Loïs!

These were the products I had to fight for. You can see it: with a lot of willpower, help from friends and I have to admit a bit of luck, everything is possible!

- Suzanne

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