Tuesday, April 3, 2012

14 Asian People I admire

  1. Kana Nishino: her vocal reach is awesome, and even after her succes she keeps the innocent-shy kind of image.
  2. Yamashita Tomohisa: He can do almost everything, if you’ve seen him on ‘VS Arashi’, You probably know what I mean. He’ll beat everyone with cliff-climber, falling pipes and soccer. He seems like a superhero to me. Also he’s very funny and seems to look always at his audience instead of the cameras.
  3. Maki Horikita -  She is the cutest actress I’ve ever seen. She can play every role. She can be the all-knowing bitch, a helpless student who's being bullied or a freaky murderer but still be cute.
  4. Aya Ikeuchi: she was a normal person who got a incurable disease, however she kept writing and fighting till the very end. R.I.P. Aya!!!
  5. Jay Nicolas Sario: I mean come on, this guy can even make beautiful trousers of carbage bag and a top from tape!!!
  6. Toda Erika: She totally earned my admiration in Liar Game. To be able to portray such a honest and trusting character she did a very good job. Also she is probably the most harrdworking actress in asia. She had leading roles in many popular drama's, and also many guest roles.
  7. Hitomi Nomura:  She is really my style icon, what more can I say about her, I don't even know her or any personal information of her. She is just so cheerful and makes amazing stuff, I really want to visit her shop someday. She is also the perfect mori/dolly kei interior designer :p she would get permission to re-style my room ^^. I want my room to look like grimoire too <3
  8. Hua Mulan: Yes of course!!! She may be a legend, but that doesn't let me to choose her as one of my role models. She could have existed in real life. She is just so strong-minded and I love her <3
  9. Lyndi Tsang: I can't possibly forget this beautiful, cute and also cheerful make-up guru ^^ She makes very beautiful videos and is an inspiration for many of us right?
  10. Vera Wang: This chinese woman designs the most beautiful wedding dresses ever!!! Seriously she has to bring down the price I little bit and I would buy everything she makes!!
  11. Kahi: This chick can dance, sing, act and is very beautiful. Can I just have her talent? No? :( make her my personal trainer then.
  12. JYP: This guy has brought soo much influence in the K-Pop world. You just can't not admire him if you know what I mean.
  13. Lee Min Hoo: He is just amay-zing. He will always be the best actor on this world. He can do his own action-scenes that makes him even more asum. And above all, he has a voice that can heal all my pain and sorrow. Don't believe me? Just listen 'My Everything' it works perfect for me.
  14. Daesung: I have so much respect for him, everyone is just accusing him of something that isn't his fault. People who don't even know the real him have negative judgements about him. But he just keeps on being strong and has faith it will turn out alright.


  1. I actually agree with you on some of them << I don't know them all
    but I do admire Aya, Yamapi, Maki and Erika
    Specially Aya, she is one of the strongest people I happen to read and know about.

  2. I love Kana.
    Her style is amazing and her singing is equally awesome :)