Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting a new Video Camera!!!

Hey everyone!!!
Today I did a lot of filming :D
Or well... better said a lot of re-filming, I totally messed up my lines and everything went wrong :s
So in the end I had 2 video's.
I already uploaded one on my ytchannel and I'll post it below :p
The other one is a Tag video on what's in my bag :p
I just saw my newest vid is already vieuwed 8 times :o

Tomo I can't film much I think because I really have to catch up on my school work :s
And tommorow night my fellow K-pop addicted friend from school is going to sleepover.
Gonna be sooo much fun <3
I bet my mother and sisters will defo go crazy of all the K-pop talk :p

The camera that I plan to buy is the JVC Everio GZ-HM430.
Hopefully a white one cuz I hate black ^^
I really wanted one that is solely for filming because the quality will be better.
I originally wanted to buy some kind of Samsung photocamera because they can film HD too.
But then at the shop they advised me to buy this one, or one that costed like 100 dollars more.
I don't really want to spend those extra dollars on it cause they were almost the same quality and then I have to wait longer :s
I actually think I can have it right around my B-day (which is begin April)
And maybe I can take it with me when I am going to London 2 days after that :p

But then again, the last time I went to London I didn't really get a chance to make good photographs because the tour was poorly organised. So maybe I just take my Olympus camera with me and still make some vids which I will edit to some kind of a travelvideo :p

Talk to you later <3<3<3

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