Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Februar Post *ashamed*

Hello Lovelies!!!
Thanks for still not abandoning me after all those broken promises to write more posts.:p
I've been having trouble with uploading files from my SD-card :o
I really hope to fix this soon because I filmed a few videos with a total time of 30 minutes or so.

Beside that I have quite a lot on my mind and I'm going crazy of my own thoughts :s
So you can actually say I've (once again) been neglecting my duty as blogger :s
Also I think I need absolute rest for a while, however I am quite busy with school at the moment.
My body aches (especially my feet) and I feel like I can collapse any moment now.
I'm going to spend tommorow in my bed lying down :p
Hope it will work and I can fully recover :p

I also have met the most amazing K-pop cosplayers EVER!!! and they were soo nice <3
They were dressed as GD & T.O.P. and Park Bom.
I am currently thinking about doing some other K-pop cosplay and realised Jiyeon has quite the same hairstyle as me in Dream High :p would be cool to cosplay her. Just have to find a outfit in that case <3


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