Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visiting Ice Sculptures

I went to see Ice sculptures with my mom, twin sister, younger sister and little nephew.
The lighting was very good, it was really a pleasure to work with.
It was also really cold, but yeah it had to be :p
I think I caught a cold *sniff sniff*
It was so beautiful to see and I had a lot of fun ^^

Selca with my twinsister in the car
My mom gave me this hat as a present, I really love it <3

Some pictures of the town we went to:

I don't really know why but I was quite impressed by these jelly fishes.
They just looked so perfect <3

I really liked how they lighted this statue, it was shining right through it.

I had difficulties photographing these.
the polar bear was made of snow and directly placed under a lamp.
So now the polar bear is "slightly" overexposed

this is a skeleton of a whale, it's very impressive.

I totally loved how they did all these compilations of snow and ice <3

We also came across this very funny ice slide.
My twinsister and I just had to try it.

Excuse our random and childish behaviour ;)

when we walked somewhat to the shopping streets afterwards, they still had these lovely christmas lights <3
I just had to take some pics.

And the ferris wheel was lighted ^^
I had a really nice day.

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