Sunday, November 13, 2011

Carmen Curlers Review


Yesterday, when I cleaned my room (which was very very necessary :p) I realised I had this curling set from Carmen laying around! As you can see, this thing is not very modern (understatement..!)
 I got it from an old woman, she never used it so I could have it. But I haven't tried it untill now.. So I thought, why not make a review for this blog..?

This is me after I took a shower, I didn't completely dried my hair because then the curlers will have a much better effect.

Then I put the curlers in my hair, skills required! Which I don't have. So this part took me 40 minutes...
Yes I know I look like a granny!

When I removed the curlers about an our and a half later, my hair looked like this: 

And my floor looked like this :)

Anyhow, these curlers give you quite natural looking curles/waves, I like the final hairdo!
But as I said, it takes a lot of effort to put them into your hair... I prefer my curling iron :)


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  1. good job ^^
    My favourite make-up guru <3<3<3
    ly xxx