Thursday, January 13, 2011

100 facts about me

  1. I love almost every asian song, which means I listen to K-pop, J-pop and C-pop
  2. I love to learn languages, at this time I speak a little Chinese, Korean, Filipino, and I'm (almost) fluent in Dutch, English, German, French and Japanese.
  3. My other hobbies are: sewing, drawing and photography.
  4. I broke my arm once.
  5. My favourite song changes every three days or so.
  6. Youtube teached me a lot (think of languages, nail-art etc.)
  7. I can't get enough of Boys Over Flowers, Hana Yori Dango or remakes, sometimes I watch like 5 episodes in a row. But I'll always end up sad because I pity her so much. Makino is my heroine!!
  8. I love reading Japanese magazines online, but can't identify most of the characters because they are too little :(
  9. With asian music I don't have a specific genre I listen to, I just listen what I like. Sometimes it just happens to be rap, hiphop or R&B.
  10. When there's a new song I always listen it many times, and when it's finally in the Oricon/Mnet I have other favourite songs and don't listen to it anymore.
  11. I would describe my clothing-style mostly as a combination between Dolly kei and Mori-Girl. I think I'm more of a Mori Girl with all my layers and soft colours, however I want to be more dolly-kei-like.
  12. I am idiotically honest and believing like Nao from 'Liar Game'.
  13. I love doing Nail-Art.
  14. I think Asian guys are the hottest!
  15. I can recognize most songs (about 1.500) in less than a second.
  16. My current cellphone-strap is a strawberry plushie :)
  17. I have a twinsister (and a little one, but she is annoying :s)
  18. Before my obsession with anime and Asia, I had a jewellry addiction. That's the main reason I have so much earrings and other stuff.
  19. I use(d) my cellphone mainly as a watch, so since I bought a pocketwatch it's (almost) always turned off.
  20. I'm going to move soon (probably). I want my new room to sort of resemble the Grimoire shop in Tokio, just like the forest. Sooo relaxing~
  21. When I first started blogging, I cared very much about pagevieuws and followers. Now I enjoy it more to post things without worryinng about how many pagevieuws it might get.
  22. After I discovered styles like Mori Mori and Dolly-Kei, my obsession for vintage grew.
  23. I have a cosplay costume. Just one, I can't afford to buy a new costume everytime.
  24. I've seen about 50 dramas
  25. I LOVE food. I know that it's not very lady-like or something, but I don't care.
  26. I seriously can't stand it when people lie to me or break promises.
  27. I think Youtuberepeat is awesome.
  28. My room is an attic room. Just like my twinsister's.
  29. The cellphone I have now is 4 years old, and I can only call people or text.
  30. My camera is an Olympus.
  31. I don't murder any animal on purpose, not even bugs.
  32. I loathe adults who talk to you like you are their child or even their best friend.
  33. My favourite website is the Grimoire site, however I never buy something.
  34. I often go to anime-conventions.
  35. My best friends are the best!!
  36. When I watch a drama that's on air, I just count down the days till the next episode.
  37. My favourite drinks are water and Fanta, It's almost the only thing I drink.
  38. I prefer downloading dramas, but sometimes I have to watch it on the internet in parts. And I get annoyed when it becomes thrilling and you have to load the next video.
  39. I only know 2 people who are (a little bit) intrested in K-pop.
  40. Chocolate is my favourite `food´ but I like japanese things too.
  41. When I blog I prefer fast songs, they give me more inspiration.
  42. I kind of loathe meat but I´m not a vegetarian. It´s still food you know?
  43. I spend a lot of time on my hair and nails. I think it would better for me to wait with wearing make-up. If I want to wear make-up, imagine all the time it would take before I could actually leave my house. And I wouldn't want to sacrifice even more sleep because of that.
  44. I like my room when it's tidy. I'm really a klutz and always forget where I put things. I could have thoughts like: If I put it here, it wouldn't get lost. but then I still forget where that place was.
  45. My nephew and cousin are soo cute, I totally love them. My cousin is 2 and she is also Hello Kitty-addicted. She sort of gave me the nickname 'Kitty'. She always scream that when I walk into their house.
  46. I want to be more known in the blogosphere in the future ^^
  47. My inspiration for drawings or designs can be the most uncommon, common or weird things. Like Parasols, bottles and more.
  48. I'm Listening to Kara right now.
  49. I will never understand girls who don't like or even HATE pink. I mean, you have to proud you can just wear every color as a girl without being called 'gay' all the time.
  50. My dream part-job would be one in Disneyland Tokyou as an entertainer. You just have to wear nice dresses and wave and smile to all those visitors. Seems so magical to me.
  51. One thing I don't get: Why do people pay 40$ to advertise for Nike?
  52. Lately I have been using my Facebook more and more.
  53. 90% of the pictures I take of myself fail and are really ugly :s
  54. My all-time favourite designer is Versace.
  55. I want to have more mori-esque clothing shops in my area, that will make it easier.
  56. In reference to the above, I'm really really happy when I buy something that fits my mori-taste. But It's probably exactly because it's harder to find.
  57. I love getting messages in all forms, from people I know or don't know.
  58. When other people compliment me I can act very shy according to others.
  59. I have quite an obsession with orange lately, it's our national colour. But I prefer darker or pastel/light orange instead of that bright shade that everyone wears with queensday :p
  60. My camcorder is a silver JVC Everio, I even waited longer and bought it online so I could save money and I could get the silver one instead of black. I'm such a black-hater :p
  61. I really can't do math, I don't want to and I simply can't.
  62. The things that annoys me most in company or public is people/friends who take out there phone too much and won't chat with you. Also it's not cool when you're by yourself and play music out loud to seem less forever alone.
  63. One of my friends has blue hair. *random*
  64. Sometimes I can be to strict with blogging and vlogging, when I promise something will be up the next day I will sacrifice everything to do that. I often go to bed later because I still want to progress my editing.
  65. I own the star/moon necklace Goo Jun Pyo gives to Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers.
  66. Feedback makes me very happy, don't forget to post below and make my day!! :p
  67. On my previous school nobody accepted the way I dress, but at my current everyone is luckily very positive about it.
  68. I often read photography blogs and tips and stuff but mostly I forget about it when I can use it.
  69. I'm always very interested in the seaming of the clothes I buy, I always check hemlines and details and wonder if I can make it myself without using patterns.
  70. My favourite animals are forest animals, especially deers. I also love rabbits, owls, squirrels, hedgehogs and mouses, they're sooo frigging cute don't you think???
  71. I have a very uncommon fear/phobia, and I will never tell what it is :p
  72. I wanna improve my creative skills.
  73. I often hear from others, even younger people, that I'm very cute. Most of them blame my clothing style :p
  74. When I can't listen music in the bus on my way to school, I can get very cranky and moody. Like this morning, I was forced to listen Dutch music. I DIED.
  75. My little cousin thinks I'm a princess because I dress this way.
  76. I want to participate in the SHINee Sherlock dance cover competition.
  77. When I can't decide what I want to listen to, I turn on Radio Seoul.
  78. I can recognize most of the songs on my computer in less than 3 or even 1 second.
  79. If I had enough money I would move out of my parental house immediately.
  80. I don't plan on turning back to English or Dutch music, I can't stand it. It's like a real torment for me.
  81. If it was illegal I would shoot Justin Bieber.
  82. My greatest obsession is stars. Most think I talk only about Hallyu-stars when I say this but I love watching starry night skies with sometimes a full moon. The moon and stars are just soo magical in my eyes.
  83. I love pastel colours, but this is mainly because of my Mori-obsession I think.
  84. I'm always cold, so I love layering.
  85. At night I always coördinate my clothing pieces for the next day. It will always take me too much time and I don't want to hurry it or be late for school.
  86. After Dream High 2 I finally own two Rubiks Cubes!!! They are the same and with hearts and stuff, but they are hard to match. Maybe I should first practice with a coloured one ^^
  87. When I would win a million dollars in clothingcoupons I would still buy the same things as normally. There is just something in me that is attracted in the low-budget-side of the shop. And that also means: more quantity and variation!!!
  88. I've been living by the same motto as Smiling Pasta's Xiou Shi: 'If you just smile, there's nothing you can't overcome.' She is just damn right!
  89. I don't listen to ballads very often, it makes me sleepy and tired and it takes patience for me.
  90. There is nothing I wouldn't do for people who believe in me and trust me, I don't have any boundaries or limits for these persons.
  91. I would never abandone my friends, however most of them would do it for me, unluckily.
  92. I wanna finish this post before going to bed.
  93. Now I've finally accepted the new U-Kiss my favourite song is 0330, I just missed out on it :s
  94. My mom knows I love pink, so when I ask her to bring something for me, it's always in pink.
  95. My earphones broke really easily, now I'm testing Skullcandy ^^
  96. I'm a complete sucker for Indie and Retro-Pop.
  97. There is no bigger joy for me than searching for Mori-Girl images on the net.
  98. I love scarfs <3
  99. The song 'Paradise' of Infinite always creeps me out. The meaning is just so weird and creepy (or it is my interpretation)
  100. I will ALWAYS be a shawol. Till I die and even beyond that.

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